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The three biggest global challenges of today are, organic food production without chemicals, the transition to carbon free food and energy production and energy independence.

The challenge on our decentralised flexibly food and energy circular process solution is to solve these three global challenges of today.

Below a AgriPV photovoltaik plant with a energy storage system, we will be produce, process and store local crops, fruits and vegetables.

To ensure a pesticide and chemistry free food production, our tehnical solution combine "UV-C light treatment" in the agricultural crops protection and "UV-C light / Ozon tehnology" in fruits and vegetables processing and store.

Carbon free energy production with a AgriPV plant - Photovoltaic plant over a Agriculture plantation, make the project sustainable and energy independence.

Harvest thrice on the same surface; pesticide free organic food, chemistry free food products and carbon free sustainable green energy (#landuseefficiency).

F4P | food 4 people

Poduzetnički inkubator Šibenik (PIN) - Centar za poduzetništvo i nove tehnologije Trokut.

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